Shields: 'Hot Flashes' Was 'Rare' Experience


Brooke Shields has been acting for nearly four decades, so she's experienced plenty of different scenarios on set. Nevertheless, for her new film The Hot Flashes, the veteran actress divulges a "rare" experience with her co-stars.

Hot Flashes
centers on a group of middle-aged women, all of whom used to be high school basketball champs, who challenge the current high school girls' state champions to raise money for breast cancer prevention.

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Bringing those middle-aged women actresses together on set wasn't exactly what Shields anticipated.

"I've never been in an environment where there were that many women and the bond was instant and it was so respectful," she praised at the film's Los Angeles premiere on Thursday. "...We all just celebrated each other, which is so rare and not what people usually think [of when] you get enough women in a room [together]."

Shield's four remaining on-screen teammates—Wanda Sykes, Daryl Hannah, Virginia Madsen, and Camryn Manheim—all attested to the instant, meaningful chemistry that they formed while filming the independent film.

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"I had a blast doing the movie," Sykes said. "...We all just fell in love with each other."

Manheim added, "I don't think I've had more fun anywhere. Imagine five awesome women in New Orleans during Mardi Gras. You do the math!"

In alignment with the film's overarching message of philanthropy, Hot Flashes teamed up with the American Cancer Society, which helped back the comedy film.

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"We were lucky enough that the American Cancer Society decided to partner up and back the movie because they like the message that the movie is giving," Sykes said. "[It's about spreading] awareness out there about breast cancer and to get checked and how important these mobile mammography units are, especially access to people that don't have 'em."

Watch the video for more from Sykes and Shields at the premiere of The Hot Flashes, in theaters July 12.