Vanessa's Shocking 'Gimme Shelter' Transformation


Vanessa Hudgens portrays a pregnant, homeless teen forced to flee her abusive mother (played by Rosario Dawson) in the harrowing new film Gimme Shelter, inspired by a true story, and both Vanessa and Rosario reveal to ET that their physical transformations were only the first step in disappearing into their complicated characters. Watch the video…

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In theaters January 24, Gimme Shelter casts Vanessa as Agnes "Apple" Bailey, who finds herself on a desperate and isolated journey of survival after she leaves her home life and comes knocking on the door of her Wall Street father (played by Brendan Fraser), only to be turned away. Desperate for help, she turns to a compassionate stranger (played by James Earl Jones), who leads her to find help and support in a suburban shelter for homeless teenagers, ultimately inspiring her to help others.

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Written and directed by Ronald Krauss, watch our Gimme Shelter interviews for a perspective from the woman who inspired the Apple character, Several Sources Shelters founder Kathy DiFiore.

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