New Trailer: Scarlett Goes Ballistic as the Superhuman 'Lucy'


Scarlett Johansson may kick serious ass as Black Widow in Captain America: The Winter Soldier in theaters this weekend, but she's a supernatural force to be reckoned with in her upcoming summer thriller Lucy. Watch the explosive trailer for the new Luc Besson action extravaganza!

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casts ScarJo as an everyday party girl in Taipei who is drugged and operated on to become an unwitting drug mule. But the drug that she's carrying begins to leak, and she quickly discovers that this ain't no ordinary drug. Now capable of accessing 100% of her brain, she develops supernatural abilities and uses them to find out who is responsible for her situation.

Morgan Freeman also stars in the movie as a professor who specializes in the human brain, telling her, "With all this knowledge, you can unlock secrets that go beyond this universe. I'm not even sure that mankind is ready for this."

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Grab your popcorn and check your brain at the door for Lucy starting August 8.

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