'Days Of Future Past' Stars Reveal Which X-Men They Wish They Could Be In Real Life


We've all imagined having superpowers at one point in our lives, but for the stars of X-Men: Days Of Future Past, they get to pretend a little better than the rest of us.

With Hugh Jackman and his sharp Wolverine claws to Halle Berry manipulating the weather as Storm, these stars are almost able to live their superpowered fantasies, with a little help from CGI.

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However, at the X-Men premiere in New York City, some of the stars opened up about which powers they would like to have in real life, and which of the X-Men they would like to be if they could actually be mutants.

"Gambit," answered James McAvoy, who plays Professor X, when asked which of the X-Men he would like to be. "Because he's got a weird accent just like me."

Meanwhile Nicholas Hoult, who plays Beast in the film, says he wishes he could be the psychic Professor X.

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"I feel it would be a bit like What Women Want, being able to read people's minds," said Hoult. "It would make like a lot easier. I'm sure most men feel that way."

Check out the video to see more from the stars of X-Men on which of the X-Men they would be, and which superpower they wish they had.

X-Men: Days Of Future Past
flies into theaters May 23. The premiere was huge on social media, receiving over 200 million impressions on Twitter, with 40,000 tweets about the movie on Saturday.

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