Exclusive: Why Is Josh Duhamel Dumpster Diving?!


Josh Duhamel and Dan Fogler sure make for strange bedfellows. In last fall's Scenic Route, Josh ditched his pretty-boy persona for a Mohawk and a heavy layer of caked dirt in order to get lost in the desert with Dan. In the psychedelic new comedy Don Peyote, the pair re-team for even stranger experiences, including a dumpster dive in search of gourmet dinner. Watch the video and share...

Written and directed by Fogler and Michael Canzoniero, Don Peyote casts the Balls of Fury funnyman as unemployed stoner Warren Allman, a man who experiences a serious mid-life crisis as his wedding day looms. Fueled by vivid apocalyptic dreams, he becomes obsessed with Doomsday theories and decides to make a documentary on the subject while his fiancé is busy planning their big day.

Exclusive: Duhamel Takes Acting 'Scenic Route' 

Featuring cameos by Anne Hathaway, Jay Baruchel, Topher Grace, Annabella Sciorra, Abel Ferrara and Wallace Shawn, Don Peyote is in theaters Friday and available on iTunes and VOD now.

Watch the trailer:

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