'When Harry Met Sally' Turns 25!


We dug into the ET vault to celebrate the movie that had every woman wanting what she was having.

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Twenty-five years later, When Harry Met Sally (released in July 1989) remains the quintessential romantic comedy.

The film made Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal into household names, but they weren't the only choices for the roles. Molly Ringwald, Susan Dey and Elizabeth Perkins were close to winning the role of Sally, while Albert Brooks was the original choice to play Harry.

"We were really working together," director Rob Reiner said about going with his best friend Billy. "It was not like, 'I'm the boss and you're the actor.'"

"He opens up a playground for you to go play in," Billy said before going on to joke, "[he] is the janitor of comedy."

The film also poses the age-old question: Can men and women be platonic friends?

Watch the video to see Meg and Billy's differing takes on the answer to that question.

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