'A Dame To Kill For' Stars Share Secrets of Survival in 'Sin City'


The world of Sin City is a deadly one. Around every corner and down every back alley is sex, murder and insanity. How would anyone even survive living in a town like that?

At the Hollywood premiere of Sin City: A Dame To Kill For on Tuesday night, a few of the sequel's biggest and sexiest stars stopped to talk to ET's Rocsi Diaz, and to share their secrets for survival in the deadliest city in movie existence.

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"You have to be really tough," said Eva Green, who plays the film's titular dame to kill for. "If you're a bit too sensitive, you're in trouble."

Boiling it down, Green says that to really thrive in Sin City, you need to have "no heart."

Rosario Dawson, who plays one of Sin City's deadly call girls Gail, thinks the answer is simpler than that. According to Dawson, all you need is "a high tolerance."

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"You can't be a cheap date in Sin City," added Dawson, who is reprising her role from the first film in 2005. "You gotta be able to hold your liquor."

As for Josh Brolin, who plays the violent and hot-tempered Dwight, sometimes there's nothing you can do to survive. You just have to be lucky from birth.

"You have to be a woman to survive Sin City," Brolin told a delighted Diaz.

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Check out the video to hear what Dawson would pack in a Sin City survival kit.

Sin City: A Dame To Kill For
explodes into theaters August 22.

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