Gabriel Iglesias Is Bringing the Funny and 'Fluffy' to 'Magic Mike XXL'


Gabriel Iglesias has not only become one of the most popular acts in standup comedy but he's also one of the most in demand actors in Hollywood. The comedian stopped by ET to talk about his recent weight loss and his role in the Magic Mike sequel.

"I am down 105 pounds," the 38-year-old revealed. "They get me to do something in [Magic Mike XXL] that I had no idea I could do."

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Gabriel reprises his role as Tobias in the highly anticipated sequel and while he isn't spilling any details about the movie he does say fans are in for some more eye candy than ever before.

"I am just going to say right now, you might see more of me than you really want to," he teases. "I guarantee you guys, they went above and beyond to top everything they did in the first one and give it an extra umph for the second one."

Gabriel also stars on the ABC sitcom Cristela, which just got full season order from the network.

"I am very excited about that," he says. "That's employment for 2 more months."

When he's not working on the TV show, he's doing standup gigs to sold out arenas across the country-- and it's paying off big time. His empire has grown to a reported $15 million.

The comedian is known affectionately by his millions of fans as "Fluffy," a nickname Gabriel embraces fully.

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"Fluffy is a nickname I got about 15 years ago from my mom back in the day," he says. "It was when I was calling myself fat she would say mijo, you're not fat, you're fluffy."

"If you Google the word fluffy, I am the number one search," he reveals. "I beat out bunnies, comforters, cotton candy, I am the No.1 fluffy thing out there."

Watch the video for a special sneak peek at tonight's episode of Cristela.