Ryan Reynolds Snaps In Emotional Exclusive Look At 'The Captive'


In Atom Egoyan's thrilling crime drama The Captive, Ryan Reynolds stars as Matthew, a father whose daughter Cassandra goes missing, leading police to consider him to be the primary suspect. Later, with his marriage crumbling and his life in tatters, his daughter's belongings begin popping up in strange places.

Years pass before detectives Nicole (Rosario Dawson) and Jeffrey (Scott Speedman) find a photo of Cassandra online, spurring them to reopen the investigation and leading Matthew to undertake a frantic search to find and save his missing child.

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In this exclusive clip from The Captive, a distressed Matthew, whose daughter was just abducted, is confronted by Jeffrey, who accuses the horrified father of arranging his own child's disappearance.

The film comes from Oscar-nominated writer-director Atom Egoyan, best known for his films The Sweet Hereafter and the 2009 thriller Chloe.

A24 Films' The Captive is now available on DirecTV and hits theaters Friday, Dec. 12.

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