'Fifty Shades of Grey' Celebrates 5-Year Anniversary: Here Are the Sex Scenes by the Numbers

The erotic book-turned-movie debuted on Feb. 13, 2015.

Five years ago on Feb. 13, Fifty Shades of Grey created a fan frenzy when it debuted on the big screen. Starring Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan, E.L. James' erotic novel came to life. 

In the movie, literature student Anastasia Steele's (Johnson) life changes when she meets and falls in love with the handsome billionaire Christian Grey (Dornan), who exposes her to the world of S&M.

In celebration of the film's five-year anniversary, and as an early Valentine's Day treat, ET did the math on the steamiest sex scenes in the cult classic:

41 - Minutes into the movie before the first sex scene happens.

7 - Total sex scenes*. (*We’re including some BDSM scenes that don’t involve traditional intercourse but seem sexy enough to count.)

1 - Sex scene that barely counts as a sex scene because it’s sad.

3 - Sex scenes that actually take place in the Red Room.

20 - Minutes, approximately, of total sex in the movie.

8 - Total spanks Anastasia receives in the movie.

10(ish) - Total times Ana gets whipped in the movie, give or take a flogging.

0 - Sex scenes involving tampons (versus the 1 sex scene involving tampons in the book).

1 - Scene where they take a bath together and Christian washes Ana’s boobs.

2 - Scenes where Jamie Dornan pensively plays the piano shirtless.

2 - Amount of times Christian says “Laters, baby.”

0 - Percent of Dakota Johnson’s body left to the imagination.

3 - Percent of Jamie Dornan’s body left to the imagination (or whatever percent of his body the unseen half of his penis represents).

4 - Times you see Jamie Dornan’s butt.

Here's more from the sexy Fifty Shades franchise, including what Dornan and Johnson told ET about a possible spin-off: