9 Things That Absolutely Need to Be in the 'Frozen' Sequel or We'll Plunge Disney Into Deep, Deep, Deep Snow


More Olaf, obviously.

Now that Disney has officially announced they’re making a sequel to Frozen -- Frozen 2: Freeze Harder? 2 Frozen 2 Furious? Fro2en? -- we can start making some demands as to what we want to see when we return to Arendelle.

Obviously we want another song as iconic as “Let It Go” (if that’s possible) and just lots of great music in general. But here are nine other things we want:

1. A Snow-girlfriend (or Snow-boyfriend) for Olaf

We don’t want to be presumptive as to which team he snow-bats for. Olaf is the best, now we want him to meet another snowman. And the idea of him being flirty and falling in love seems like a goldmine.

2. And More Snowglies! We Need More Snowglies

The newest addition to the Frozen world have actually been revealed to be Elsa’s snow boogers, but they are so cute that we're sure the writers could find a way to keep them around. Plus, a Marshmallow cameo is a must.

3. More Tangled Easter Eggs

You did catch Rapunzel and Flynn in the first movie, right? (If you didn’t, check it out here.) Maybe a full-on Tangled franchise crossover moment? Would that be a Disney first? There are so many in-depth fan theories about how Tangled and Frozen are connected that if the characters were to actually interact together, Tumblr might actually implode upon itself.

4. Another Magical Makeover Moment From Elsa

In Frozen, the ice dress she conjures is certainly a lewk. And in Frozen Fever, she can apparently use her powers to make any outfit better, even if it has nothing to do with snow. Maybe Frozen 2 can just be one extended montage of new dresses?

5. Jonathan Groff Gets a Full Song This Time

He’s such a good singer. And he's so criminally under-utilized in the first movie. “Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People” is great and all, but it’s not even a full minute long! Let's give this Tony-nominated Broadway star his own song! Or two! And a duet with Anna (Kristen Bell).

6. To Find Out More About the Trolls

Kristoff’s family of trolls popped up for one joyous scene in Frozen...then kind of just disappeared? Let’s make them less random this go. Make them integral to the plot, or at least tell us where they came from/what they do when they aren’t arranging marriages/if they kidnapped Kristoff, etc. It’d also be nice to see Elsa and Anna’s late parents again, even just in flashbacks (and not just because that would mean we’d also get to see adorable little Elsa and Anna again.)

7. Journeys to Other Kingdoms

We love Arendelle. Now we want to see what else is out there. And we aren’t just talking about the woods. For one, let’s pay a visit to Weselton and make sure the Duke of Weselton is on his best behavior. And we’ll see where we go from there. The opportunities are endless.

8. No Wedding

That is, we do NOT want to see Anna and Kristoff get married. We basically already did in the first movie, with the aforementioned trolls (see: No. 6). Plus, we like the focus being on the sister’s relationships with each other. Let’s keep it that way. We still want Kristoff in Frozen 2, we just don’t need to hear him say “I do.”

9. Even More Feminist Women Doing It for Themselves

So far we’ve seen Anna try to help Elsa, then Elsa trying to help Anna in Frozen Fever. In the sequel, we really want to see them team up with each other to stop...something!

Who are we kidding? As long as we get more Frozen, we'll be happy.