Shailene Woodley & Theo James Promise 'Bigger,' Sweatier 'Insurgent' Action

The stars opened up about their upcoming film's explosive action at the 'Insurgent' New York City premiere.

Insurgent, the latest installment in the epic, sci-fi Divergent series, is almost here, and with this new chapter comes a whole new level of action and excitement.

Stars Shailene Woodley and Theo James stopped to talk to ET on the red carpet at the film's New York premiere, and they opened up about the joy of returning to the rich world of the franchise and getting the chance to push the envelope.

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"It's always exciting to come back the second time," James said. "You get to do things that you didn't have the opportunity the first time. And hopefully you get to kind of make a bigger movie than you did the first time as well."

To make the movie bigger, director Robert Schwentke -- who also helmed the 2010 spy comedy RED -- amped up the adrenaline and explosive action. So what can audiences expect from the bigger, faster sequel?

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"A lot more sweating, generally," James joked. " If you're going to do it again, you need to push it as much as you could and be kind of did that, didn't we?"

Check out the video for more from the young stars, including how they feel about their excited, adoring fans who turned out to the premiere to support them.

Insurgent explodes into theaters March 20, 2015.

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