'Fifty Shades' Unrated Version Will Have Alternate Ending

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Are you "curious for more"?

A new teaser dropped for the Fifty Shades of Grey Digital HD and Blu-Ray release, which will apparently feature an unrated edition with an alternate ending!

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The promise of an alternate ending brings up one major questions for fans of the first movie -- how?! Without spoiling anything, the film has a very dramatic and resolute conclusion that sort of ties everything up (we're sorry) for the sequel. All we can think is that they will heighten the graphic themes to ANOTHER level, which is good news for Madonna (and bad news for these three grandmas). 

While details are mum on the unrated edition, the teaser does feature some commentary from the movie's stars, Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan, as well as E.L. James, who authored the Fifty Shades books.

"I don't think his power or wealth has anything to do with what [Ana feels for Christian]," says Johnson. "It's the way he sees her."

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Fifty Shades of Grey
's unrated edition will be released on May 1. If you want to watch it on Blu-Ray, you'll have to wait until May 8.

And honestly, if you haven't seen these three grandmas talk about their experience watching Fifty Shades, you owe it to yourself.