Amanda Seyfried Plays a Pot-Smoking Lawyer in 'Ted 2' Red Band Trailer

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The actress wins over Mark Wahlberg and his titular teddy bear buddy by toking up.

Seems Amanda Seyfried’s Ted 2 character got her law degree after years of "higher" education!

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In the newly released red band trailer, Seyfried’s lawyer character isn’t winning over Mark Wahlberg and his titular teddy bear friend, who think she’s too young to take their civil rights case seriously.

"I just don’t want my lawyer singing Frozen songs during the opening arguments," Ted tells her.

Seyfried's character changes their minds, however, when she pulls out a bong and takes a long rip, for her "migraines," of course.

"We trust you completely," Wahlberg tells her.

"Yeah, we really feel like you’ve got a lot to offer," Ted agrees.

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The new trailer doesn’t feature too much new footage (the sperm donor jokes and Tom Brady’s "perfect spiral" have already been spoiled in previous teasers), however the red band might be worth the watch alone for Wahlberg and Ted’s stoney take on the Law & Order theme song.

"Let’s all go to court," Ted sings along with the infamous riff. "Hey you lawyer guys, you don’t know me and Johnny are watching you...while we’re high."

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