The 'Vacation' Reboot Trailer Will Get You Very Acquainted With Chris Hemsworth's Bulge

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It's time for another Vacation!

The NSFW Red Band trailer for the Ed Helms-fronted reboot of Chevy Chase's 1983 comedy has been released, but the real star is Chris Hemsworth's um... boxer briefs.

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Warner Bros. Pictures

The Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron star helps to make sure Helms and Christina Applegate's characters have a trip they will NEVER forget, but of course Ed Helms's character is oblivious to it all.

"He totally just came in here to show off his six pack," he says.

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The reboot stars Helms as Rusty Griswold, son of Clark Griswold -- played by Chevy Chase, who is reprising his role from the first four Vacation flicks. Rusty who decides to take his family out to relive the vacation magic he shared with his folks more than 30 years earlier. There's some meta-humor about the original, like when Rusty's kids confess they've "never even heard of" his original vacation, and Helms promises this trip will "stand on its own."

Since it's red band, you've got a lot of vulgar language, a sexy highway meeting that turns deadly very quickly, and an unspeakable father-son talk by the pool.

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Watch the whole trailer below.

Looks like fun! You can see the new Vacation starring Ed Helms, Christina Applegate, and a very well-endowed Chris Hemsworth when the movie hits theaters on July 29.

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