6 Reasons Reese Witherspoon Will Be the Perfect Tinker Bell


Add Tinker Bell to the long list of beloved Disney characters who will be returning to the screen in live-action adaptions -- and it looks like Reese Witherspoon will be the one to bring the fan-favorite fairy to life.

The Hot Pursuit actress is reportedly attached to produce and star in the upcoming Tink, a live-action take on the story of the diminutive nymph, The Hollywood Reporter reports.

The project is still in development and a script is currently being written, with no director lined up just yet. But one thing is for certain: Reese is the perfect choice to play Tink -- and here's why…

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She's Got Tink's Big Eyes and Adorable Cuteness

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Reese Witherspoon is adorable, from a classic standpoint. She's got big eyes, small features, and a broad smile. She naturally looks like a cartoon character brought to life, and that's a big reason audiences love her.

But She's Also Got Tink's Mean Side

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Reese can bring the heat, too. Let's not forget, Tinker Bell wasn't an adorable, bubbly idiot. She was angry, a lot! And she had a vicious mean streak that scared even Peter Pan. Reese can play cold and aggressive like nobody's business.

She Looks Great in Green

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Despite making Julia Roberts a redhead in an orange tunic for the movie Hook (for whatever insane reason), it would be awesome to see Tink's iconic green mini-dress and short blonde hair make it into this live action version. We already know Reese has the perfect hair for the beloved fairy, but she also looks great in green.

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She Can Play a Manipulative Lunatic Really Well

Remember Tracy Flick? Reese's Machiavellian high school student in the 1999 dark comedy Election? Well, Tink is every bit as crazy as Tracy. In the classic tale, Tinker Bell tricks one of the Lost Boys to shoot Wendy in the heart with an arrow. She tries to murder Wendy! Imagine Reese bringing that Tracy Flick vindictiveness to Tink! It's just too good.

She Has Experience With Wings

"But how well would she do with having wings?" you undoubtedly ask. She'd do great! She already played an angel in Little Nicky, and those wings looked great on her.

And She's a Good Actress

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Ultimately, she's also a really good actress. And as much as anything else plays into her ability to pull off a perfect Tinker Bell, it's really all about talent. She was nominated for an Oscar last year and won an Academy Award in 2005 for Walk the Line. On top of that, she's also got a Golden Globe and a BAFTA under her belt, so it's clear she can do a great job with the character.

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