Watch Tom Cruise Film His Crazy 'Mission: Impossible' Plane Stunt: 'I'm Actually Scared S**tless'


Talk about earning your keep!

Tom Cruise went the extra mile in Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation, filming his own stunts, and one in particular had everyone on edge. A stunt featurette released Monday shows the 53-year-old Golden Globe winner hanging onto the outside of an airplane as it takes off.

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"You can't hang a multimillion-dollar star on the outside of an airplane and fly around in a normal world, but Tom wanted to be on the outside of that plane," stunt coordinator Wade Eastwood said.

Tom recalled the experience, letting fans know that there was no acting involved when it came to the terrified expression on his face.

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"If something went wrong, I can't get into the airplane until we land," Tom said. "I'm feeling the force of the wind hit me. I'm actually scared s**tless."

Tom must have had a change of pants on deck, because after performing the stunt safely, he did it again!

"I thought that was a one-take, but he did it eight times," visual effects supervisor David Vickery said.

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In the fifth Mission: Impossible film, Ethan Hunt (Cruise) and his team are tasked with eradicating the Syndicate, an international rogue organization out to dismantle the IMF. The movie hits theaters July 31.

Watch the video below for more of the jaw-dropping stunts.