Disney Developing Live-Action 'Aladdin' Prequel About Genie's Origins


Disney has a lot riding on the hope that people really, really want to watch live-action versions of the animated films they already love.

The studio has added Aladdin to their ever-growing list of cartoon classics that will soon be getting the live-action treatment. But don't worry naysayers, this adaptation will actually be a prequel.

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According to The Hollywood Reporter, Disney is developing Genies, an adventure comedy set before the events of the 1992 classic (which won two Oscars and was nominated for three others).

Instead of focusing on the eponymous street urchin and his misadventures with a magical lamp, this prequel will instead be set in the world of the genies, and will follow the tragic tale of how Big Blue ended up trapped in his itty bitty living space.

It's a story about a magical genie (sadly not voiced by Robin Williams) that ends with the beloved hero being enslaved for 10,000 years? Could this movie plot be any more depressing?

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The film will be the set-up for the live-action Aladdin adaptation that is inevitably going to follow, because, of course.

Here's a look at other Disney classics that are getting live-action adaptations and re-imaginings:

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