Robert Redford Brings the Laughs With Nick Nolte in 'A Walk in the Woods'

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Robert Redford as a funny guy? See how he pulls it off in our clips of his upcoming comedy A Walk in the Woods.

Redford hikes and camps across the entire Appalachian Trail with Nick Nolte by his side in the film, opening Sept. 2.

"I like comedy that has some wit to it -- just on the edge of sarcasm," Redford said.

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Fans have seen Redford show flares for the comedic in films like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid opposite Paul Newman. In fact, it was Newman who was originally supposed to co-star with Redford in A Walk in the Woods, but the legendary superstar passed away before filming. Nolte was tapped to fill Newman's absence.

"[Nolte] sometimes can play the clown," Redford gushed. "He can play the disheveled part of himself but he's actually a smart guy."

But Redford needed to know one thing before giving Nolte the job.

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"[Redford asked] 'Is there anything physically that would keep you from walking the Appalachian Trail?' I said, 'Geez Bob. Not anything that you wouldn't collapse before!' So he said, 'OK,'" Nolte shared.

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