Matt Damon's Kids Don't Think He's Cool

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Matt Damon might be an Oscar winner, renowned philanthropist, and the face of a multi-million dollar action franchise, but at home, he's just Dad.

"I try to tell them [how cool I am]," Damon joked to ET at the Toronto International Film Festival on Saturday. "My wife doesn't really even get that either. But that’s alright. I’ll keep them around."

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In his upcoming film The Martian, Damon plays an astronaut who has to survive after being stranded on Mars. It’s a recurring theme for the actor, who has also played left-behind characters in Interstellar and Saving Private Ryan.

"It's a theme, you know," he laughed. "In this movie they come to get me, Saving Private Ryan they come to get me, I'm repeating these themes, I guess. Or I'm just very leave-able. I'm not quite sure which."

Damon said his family, which includes wife Luciana, the couple's three daughters and Luciana's daughter from a previous marriage, is the one thing he would want to have with him if he were really stuck in space.

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Most of Damon's kids haven’t seen more of his more grown-up work, and the actor admits that "my younger ones have basically seen Happy Feet 2 and Spirit, which is a movie I did a long time ago." But he and his wife were able to bring their 17-year-old daughter to Toronto to see The Martian.

"She loved it," Damon told ET proudly. "The movie is like a love letter to science. It's a very optimistic, hopeful, uplifting movie. She was into it."

The Martian
hits theaters Oct. 2.

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