'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Continues to Dominate Holiday Box Office

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens is clearly the movie to beat this holiday.

After all, during its debut weekend alone, the seventh Star Wars movie pulled in $248 million in the U.S. and $529 million worldwide, demolishing box office records.

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"This has gone far better than anyone -- even them -- expected," The Hollywood Reporterexecutive editor Matt Belloni told ET. "A gigantic global number."

The numbers will grow even larger when it opens in China on Jan. 9.

"When we see those China numbers is when we'll see how high this movie will go," Belloni said.

And those stats don't even include one of the most profitable elements of the franchise -- the merchandise! Early reports estimate between $3 and $5 billion in merchandise sales for 2015 alone.

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Speaking of which, ET got star John Boyega's reaction to his own action figure.

"The side profile looks fantastic!" he said. "Gorgeous skin!"

While there's no doubt The Force Awakens will become one of the highest-grossing movies ever, the question that remains is whether it will surpass Avatar, which made more than $2.5 billion worldwide.