EXCLUSIVE: Nicholas Hoult Says He's Learned to Lower His Expectations in Love

The British actor and his 'Equals' co-star, Kristen Stewart, talk to ET about relationships and soulmates.

When it comes to love, Nicholas Hoult has learned to lower his expectations.

The British actor shared his thoughts on relationships and soulmates during an ET interview alongside his Equals co-star, Kristen Stewart.

"The first time you fall in love you're so mental that it's difficult to recall anything," Hoult told ET's Katie Krause before explaining why his views on love haven't changed much over the years. "I think you just grow up and become more aware of yourself and other people and that changes it a little bit."

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"Maybe my expectations lowered a little bit," Hoult admitted with a laugh as Stewart jokingly chimed in: "He's like 'I need to scale down in terms of what I’m thinking. Bar has lowered, now I'm going to find my soulmate!'"

The Equals stars, both 26, play lovers in the Drake Doremus-directed sci-fi drama, in theaters Friday.

Being that they know what it's like to go through very public breakups , Hoult -- who previously dated Jennifer Lawrence -- and Stewart -- whose ex is Robert Pattinson -- pulled from personal experiences for the film.

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As for soulmates, Hoult is a strong believer in the idea. "I believe completely," he said. "I don't think anyone can change the way they feel or should have to, depending on what they feel."

Watch Stewart and Hoult recall their first loves in the video below: