Phoenix Teen Asks Emma Stone to Prom by Epically Recreating 'La La Land' Opening Number -- Watch!

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

You have to give it up to Jacob Staudenmaier -- he commits!

The Phoenix teen took La La Land's message for the "dreamers" to heart recently by changing the lyrics to the Oscar-winning film's opening number and enlisting his friends for an admirable -- if low-budget -- recreation of the movie's first scene, all in the service of asking Emma Stone to prom.

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"I'M ASKING EMMA STONE TO PROM, and decided to recreate the opening scene from la la land," Jacob wrote on Twitter.

Watch the video below.

Ball's in your court, Emma! Did Jacob hit a high note here?

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Meanwhile, after taking home Best Actress at the 2017 Oscars for her La La Land performance, Stone shared a special moment with friend and last year's winner, Brie Larson.

Watch the video below for more.