Cooper Wows Crowds at 'Hangover III' Premiere


The infamous wolf pack graced the red carpet for the last time as the Hangover trilogy premiered its last installment, Hangover III, in Los Angeles. Stars Zach Galfianakis, Ed Helms, and newly engaged Justin Bartha drew applause from the hoards of fans, but chanting and howls were reserved for none other than Bradley Cooper.

PICS: Cooper Meets And Greets With Fans At The Premiere

"That guy, I mean. Are you kidding me? He's just... He's Bradley. He's Bradley Cooper. I mean come on!" Ed Helms said of his popular co-star when asked by ET if the overwhelming fan reaction at the premiere was typical for Cooper.

Looking spiffy in a burnt orange Gucci suit and newly trimmed hair -- a departure from the perm he's been sporting for his upcoming '70's-based crime-thriller movie American Hustle -- Cooper graced fans to countless photo opportunities and autographs before making his way down the carpet to pose for pics.

Totally un-phased by the fans' reaction to her handsome co-star, the lovely Heather Graham wore a low-cut, green Herve L. Leroux gown on the carpet. Graham, who plays Jade, the stripper/short-lived wife to Ed Helms' character in the Hangover movies, said, "He gets a lot of girls that are really excited to see him, for sure."

Escorting his mother and sister as his date, Cooper responded to whether he is used to the special attention, or if he gets the same reaction every day, "No, this is Hangover stuff," he said, laughing it off.

The secret to The Silver Lining Playbook star's popularity, said co-star Mike Epps, is that "Bradley's kind of like Zach," he jokes. "I'm just kidding. Bradley's a cool guy, funny. That's the thing a lot of people don't know how funny he is."

The third and final leg of the wolf pack's journey finds the group dealing with a mentally unstable Alan, who is coping with his father's death. They collectively decide to check Alan, played by Galifianakis, into a hospital but things start to go wrong on the way there as the guys are assaulted and Doug is kidnapped. As Doug, played by Justin Bartha, remains missing again, the crew must find Mr. Chow in order to trade him in to the mafia for Doug's release.

Of the film's ending, Ken Jeong, who portrays Mr. Chow, said it was "bittersweet."

"I'm so happy we were able to do two -- much less three -- [films] together. It's been such a blessing," he says.

As for Helms, he said that while he'll miss his co-stars/best friends, one thing he will not miss is Las Vegas. "I may never go back to Vegas again. I love Vegas, but I feel like I've already spent more time there than most people will spend in their lives. But I'm a low-key guy."

Helms called the end to the film series "powerful... but life marches on."

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Hangover III hits theaters nationwide on May 24.