'Mr. Iglesias' Part 3: Official Trailer and Premiere Date Revealed (Exclusive)


ET is exclusively debuting the official trailer for part 3 of 'Mr. Iglesias.'

Knowing that Gabriel Iglesias has long been known as “Fluffy” is key to understanding his brand of humor. There’s a welcome sweetness to his comedy. His sitcom, Mr. Iglesias, is no different. ET is exclusively debuting the official trailer for the upcoming part 3 of the Netflix series, which will premiere on Dec. 8.

"Teaching history is just part of my job,” Mr. Iglesias can be heard saying in the trailer. “Helping my students believe they can make history -- that's the real gig.”

The show follows Iglesias as a good-natured public high school teacher who works at his alma mater. Described by the cast as a show that harkens back to classic school-set sitcoms like Welcome Back, Kotter and Saved by the Bell, the heartwarming Netflix comedy has an uplifting message for its fans -- anything is possible when you believe in your own potential. 

ET spoke with Iglesias last year during a set visit, where he revealed the multi-cam sitcom was a chance to explore a what-if scenario from his youth.

"I wanted to be one of three things: a comedian, a wrestler, or a teacher," he shared. "First time I got hit, I decided I didn't want to be a wrestler 'cause pain sucks. And then I found out I was pretty good at talking on a mic."

With Mr. Iglesias, he gets to meld his comedic chops to that desire to be a change in young people’s lives. Joining his affable history teacher are The Office’s Oscar Nuñez as a bureaucratic assistant principal, Sherri Shepherd as the brassy principal as well as Jacob Vargas and Maggie Geha as two teachers in the history department.

For more on Mr. Iglesias, watch the video below.