Brandon & Leah Talk 'Cronies' EP and Famous Family


ET recently sat down with married musical duo Brandon & Leah, who talked about their new independently released EP Cronies, what it was like growing up in such musically talented families as well as their upcoming milestone show at Los Angeles' famous Troubadour venue.

Brandon Jenner is the son of Bruce Jenner and actress/songwriter Linda Thompson, and has David Foster for a step-father, while Leah is the daughter of Eagles guitarist Don Felder. But though music clearly runs in both of their veins, the couple stresses that they weren't pushed or overly-influenced when it comes to their sound.

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In fact, Leah's dad was initially outright opposed to the idea of Leah pursuing a career in the music industry.

"The only advice my dad gave was choose a different career, because he truly found that it was such a difficult thing to break into the music industry," Leah says. "But he kind of realized after awhile that he really didn't have a choice -- if he was going to support me or not support me -- it was going to happen anyway."

Thankfully, he eventually came around.

"But ever since then, he's become very supportive and he supports just enough, where it's not too much, where he's not in the studio all the time ... He's just the right amount of support, so I appreciate that."

" ... And they're still parents, they're not co-workers, you know?" Brandon adds. "You'd want like, general guidance in overall stuff like that, but you definitely don't want it to be too specific because they're still your mom, and your dad and your step-dad."

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And as reflected in their unique pop-soul twist on the traditional Southern California sound, the two SoCal natives have definitely carved out a space in music all their own.

"Bob Marley is someone that I listened to a lot when I was younger. I listen to a lot of Ben Harper, Jack Johnson," Brandon says about some of his mellow influences.

"I just sort of think there's two ways of singing -- there's the type where you can emulate, and there's the type where you just sing the way you feel like you can sing," Leah says about her unique voice. "I don't by any means have a Christina Aguilera voice where she can just do whatever the hell she wants, and so much control and so many licks and all of these things. I think that that's not my type of voice at all. I think mine is if more of like, a soulful ... just has more of a feeling to it, you know? Learning what my strengths are, and having to go that direction rather than push it to something that I'm not -- just in any art, trying to remain true to what you feel like you are -- [is what] the goal is."

Check out the video to hear how the sweet duo came up with the title Cronies, and how they feel about playing the iconic Troubadour venue, where the likes of Radiohead, Coldplay -- and yes, the Eagles -- have famously played.

Brandon & Leah will be playing the Troubadour in Los Angeles on Saturday, October 19. Cronies is out now.