EDM's First Sisters NERVO Save The Sea


ET online sat down with EDM power duo NERVO as they were packing up their suitcases fresh off a gig from the night before.  The girls are just back from performing in Europe, and before they head San Diego to perform at the Free The Sea benefit, we had to get the scoop on how EDM’s first sisters are saving the sea.

ETonline: How is this “Free the Sea” event different from everything else you’ve done in the past?
Nervo: This is the first ever charity gig that we’ve ever put on or I think even been involved in. It came about because, we actually did watch Black Fish, we were on tour, and a friend of ours who is a photographer was talking about it. We just got home from a gig and stayed up all night watching all these horrible things that are happening to dolphins and whales and in general what we’re doing the ocean. We were in Mexico at the time; the guys we were on tour with were like, “Hey why don’t you all do a charity gig,” that’s how this all came about and that’s where we are now.

Why is this cause so close to your heart and why did you want to partner with LED and IMMP?
We have both been to Sea World, and in San Diego as well, we had a gig down there, I’m not going to lie we were entertained, we did go in there thinking it was all very happy. So then when we saw this documentary and looked further into what’s going on then it kind of shocked us a little bit, and so we thought let’s try and use what we can to get some awareness. The guys down out LED, we’ve been touring with them for ages, when we asked them to do this event, they were like, “Yes girls, absolutely, great cause,” they are just really great guys, very down to earth.

How can ET and your fans help the fight to free the sea?
I think it’s a general awareness, just like we had no idea what was going on. I think the more people that go onto the internet and look into the organization, IMMP, they are doing fantastic things constantly educating people about what’s going on. I think its more of awareness, we can start little by not going to water parks and by signing petitions, everybody can make a difference. I think we will look back on this in years, and we’ll be like this is barbaric, right now we are living in the time where we are quite not aware. I think its just building awareness really.

Any marine inspired fashion looks for the performance tomorrow?
I have an amazing body suit from Black Milk, let me try and dig that one up. We live out of two suitcases practically all year round, our clothes have to be very versatile, be able to wear them during the day and at night, if we don’t have them in our suitcases, we have to wait till we check in with London or LA. Good news is I’m going to LA today, so I hopefully I’ll be able to rattle something up.

Anything special planned for the performance at this event?
The special thing is we’ve got really good friends playing with us, Michael Woods, Funkagenda, and Chris Lake, we are all very close. So we are going to be playing back to back, we are playing a lot of new material, and we really love seeing the reaction from the crowd live before anything has been released.

You two have gone from being DJ’s, to opening for Britney Spears, to spokeswomen for Cover Girl, and of course playing for audiences all over the world. What has these last couple of years been like for you?
It has been crazy. Just when we think it can’t get any crazier, it somehow does. It’s been amazing. We pinch ourselves daily we can’t actually believe how lucky we are, it just gets better and better. We spent a good 6 years making music and trying to get heard, so we couldn’t be more happier with how things are going. Last year when we were in Mexico, we did our first ever headlining tour, that’s actually when we watched Black Fish as well, I think that was one of our big pinch ourselves moment. We spent so many years warming up for are friends, and playing in front of big crowds, but then when you jump in front of a crowd that are waiting for you that are so dedicated. Our fans are just insane crazy amazing, they have signs, and paper mache cut outs with our logos, when you see that, when you jump out into a crowd like that, it’s very humbling.

Can we expect any new music from NERVO?
We’re just working on our album, the album is done. We are now just shopping it, trying to finding out who is going to release it; it’s really in the hands of our management now and all those guys. Hopefully we can sit down and work on a release plan so we can get the music out there.

What kind of sound can we expect from the album?
What we really loved about the album is instead of concentrating on singles, where we just make pretty big room sounding records, we got the chance to dig a little deeper and explore a little bit with the sound. The last record on the album is still a 128 BPM, but it’s a chill vibe that we are really excited about. We’ve got some amazing features, we’ve got Azealia Banks on the record, and we’ve got Jake Shears and Kylie Minogue doing a duet, which is really fun. We love Kylie, she’s amazing, she’s a sweetheart, when we worked with he we really bonded because we are both from Melbourne, we both live in London, and it’s a real thrill to work with her.

Album in 3 words?
Fun, bold, and NERVO.