Garth Brooks Breaks His Personal Record In Ticket Sales


Seventeen years later, Garth Brooks beat his own personal record for ticket sales in Chicago. Back in 1997, the country artist sold 141,717 tickets, and now he not only sold more than that, but six more additional shows have been added to keep up with the demand.

Chicago is the first stop on the Garth Brooks World Tour and will now be a 10 night run. Brooks will tour with wife and singer Trisha Yearwood beginning September 4. Yearwood will be a co-headliner on the tour.

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This tour marks Brooks comeback to the stage. Brooks told Chicago's country radio station WUSN what is bringing him out of retirement and back to Chicago almost two decades later,

"The faces," Brooks said. "I miss them, I miss looking out and seeing them singing. You look out there, and you hope to see the faces you remember. And I gotta tell you, I've seen those, but the other half are faces I've never seen, and they're kids. And kids that know all the words to every song."

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