Taylor Swift's Mysterious Instagram Clues: New Music Coming Soon?

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Taylor Swift has us on a wild goose chase!

Taylor Swift, 24, has been taking to her Instagram to drop mysterious clues on her fans, though to what exactly nobody knows.

The clues started on Monday, August 4, with this video of Taylor repeatedly pressing the 18th floor on an elevator.

"So, here's your first clue..."

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Her second clue dropped on August 6, which appeared to be a picture of her phone screen saver -- featuring her adorable cat Olivia Benson -- reading 5:00.

"Cluuuuue number twooooo..."

Her latest clue on August 7 simply directs her fans to Yahoo.com.

"This is....."

.... So it's safe to say we can expect some huge Taylor Swift news on August 18th at 5 p.m. on Yahoo?

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Many speculate that the surprise will have to do with her fifth studio album, which fans have been anxiously anticipating since her last album Red became a huge hit in 2012.

What do you think Taylor’s big surprise will be?

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