Nicki Minaj Brings the Booty to Usher's New Video


Nicki Minaj's "Anaconda" booty is showing up in yet another video.

The rapper is featured in Usher's new song "She Came to Give It to You," and before we even see her face in the music video, there's a shot of Minaj's famous backside. 

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The video is set in an electronic appliance store where a secret dance party is taking place in the back. Usher enters first and a few minutes later, there's a shot of Minaj in a skintight black dress entering the sexy soiree.

"No little boys in the circle of Usher/Got em under pressure/When your girl come through Nicki gon' crush her," Minaj raps. "And tell your man play the back like a spine/You only last 6 seconds like a Vine."

Another famous face also shows up in the video, "Happy" singer Pharrell.

What do you think of Usher and Minaj's new video? Is it better than "Anaconda"?