Luke Bryan Looks Like He's Actively Trying Not To Fall Again

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Stay up, Luke!

While he is a country music superstar and People Country's Sexiest Man Alive, he's developed somewhat of a reputation this summer for taking a tumble while rocking out, most recently at a concert in Indianapolis.

Oh, Luke. We love you so much.

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Now, from the look of these pictures from Luke's recent tour date in Los Angeles, it appears that Luke is COMMITTED to staying upright.

That is the face of a man who is actively concerned with the act of standing up.

On first look, Luke might appear to just be a cool country crooner, but just look at the way he very deliberately positions his arms to keep gravity at bay. Then notice the quiet desperation buried within his uneasy smile.

Be careful, Luke.

Find your center, Luke!


Conquered. Even if he had fallen, we already know he'd bounce back like a champ.

You guys, Luke Bryan is just the best.

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To see all of Luke's epic stage falls, watch the video below.