This Bluegrass Cover Of Anaconda Is Amazing, And SFW!


Do you love the lyrics to Nicki Minaj's sexy single 'Anaconda' but you like your music videos with less scantily-clad ladies and butts and more overalls and bluegrass?

Well, if you fit that very specific description, than this vintage bluegrass hoedown cover of 'Anaconda' from YouTube music stars Postmodern Jukebox is for you!

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Actually, even if you don't fit that description, you'll still love this video. It's an amazingly fun rendition of the song that even makes some of its more nonsensical lyrics sound poetic.

Minaj's super-raunchy music video was a massive hit when it dropped a few weeks ago, and it's NSFW content has been closely examined by millions of people. While this bluegrass rendition might only have a few hundred thousand views, it's certainly the more safe-for-work option.

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