Prince Attempts the Coolest Selfie Ever on His First Time


If Prince doesn't win for best selfie, he most certainly wins for best selfie caption.

Standing in front of his mirror, the 56-year-old music icon threw on his black gloves and snapped a photo of himself. Only instead of using a smart phone, Prince took his first selfie with a real camera. When is the last time you saw one of those?!

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Posting the pic to Facebook on Tuesday, Nov. 11, the "Purple Rain" singer gave it a great caption, writing: "KNOWTHYSELFIE..."

He then linked to his song "U Know" on YouTube.

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Prince's photo filters are also much cooler than most. He posted two other shots of the same selfie, only one was bright white and another had hues of yellows and blues.

Even when he's behind in the trends, he's ahead!

What's Prince and other stars' secret to snapping the perfect selfie? We've got the answer, below: