Beyonce and Jay Z Sued Over 'Drunk in Love' By Hungarian Folk Musician

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Hungarian singer Mitsou claims 'Drunk in Love' sampled her 1995 song 'Bajba, Bajba Pelem' without permission.

Beyonce and Jay Z's hit song "Drunk in Love" has been heralded by critics and peaked at No.2 on the Billboard Hot 100. But not everyone is a fan.

Monika Miczura Juhasz, a Hungarian performer, is suing Beyonce, Jay Z, and music producer Timbaland, claiming that "Drunk in Love" used a distorted, edited sampling of her 1995 song "Bajba, Bajba Pelem," without permission.

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The Hungarian singer claims that her track was electronically manipulated and used for the exotic, chant-like vocals at the beginning of "Drunk in Love."

According to Complex
, the suit filed by the Hungarian singer – who goes by the name Mitsou – alleges, "Following Mitsou’s stirring featured solo vocal introduction, Mitsou’s voice continues to sing as Beyoncé begins to sing, to evoke foreign eroticism alongside the sexually intense lyrics performed by Beyoncé and Jay Z in 'Drunk in Love.'"

Jay Z and Timbaland have yet to publicly respond to the suit.

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While the song in question doesn't seem to exist online, Complex did post the similarly titled song "Bajba, Bajba," by Mitsou's Hungarian folk band Ando Drum. You can listen to both songs below.

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