Did Beyonce Pour a $20K Bottle of Champagne Into a Hot Tub?!

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It must be amazing to be so rich that you can pour a $20,000 bottle of wine into a hot tub without hesitation.

Since Nicki Minaj and Beyonce’s “Feeling Myself” music video dropped on Tuesday, exclusively on Tidal, fans have been going nuts for the sexy video.

But one behind-the-scenes photo from the music video is making people absolutely freak out -- specifically a photo of Beyonce supposedly pouring a bottle of Ace of Spades champagne into a hot tub.

Ignoring the obvious health, safety and cleanliness concerns that arise when pouring any foreign liquid into water that people swim in, that particular bottle of bubbly (assuming it wasn’t just some bottom-shelf sparkling wine inside an Ace of Spades bottle) is actually called Armand de Brignac, and the price tag on one of those fancy gold bottles can vary from $300 all the way to the sale price of a new sports car.

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Although, to be fair, she probably didn’t have to pay a dime for the booze. The company that produces the champagne was purchased by her husband (and Tidal founder) Jay Z last year.

Jay Z actually first featured the brand in his 2006 music video for “Show Me What You Got,” after the media mogul had a falling out with Cristal.

So, it’s more than likely that the bottle was a freebie.

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Still, that doesn’t mean that some people weren’t annoyed by the valuable waste. Some fans took to Twitter to criticize the photo.

While it’s never good to waste fine wine, there’s always more where that came from for Beyonce now that Jay Z owns Ace of Spades. And he’s not the only star with their own alcohol brand. Check out the video below for a look at other stars who have their own brands of booze.

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