Taylor Swift's Pre-Show Dancing Will Prove There Is Meaning in This Life


A fan sitting in what might have initially been considered pretty lame seats while attending Taylor Swift's concert in Detroit on Saturday, wound up having the absolute best seat in the house when she captured the "Bad Blood" singer getting down before going on stage.

For those who think Taylor  only dances like no one is watching when EVERYONE is watching -- give your life a moment of pause to watch this remarkable video.

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"Taylor dancing before hitting the stage," wrote the lucky fan on Instagram. "Benefits of sitting to the side of the stage."

If that video doesn't fill you with unconditional joy, watch it again. For the record, the track she's rocking out to is Fine Young Cannibals' hit single "She Drives Me Crazy" (Which came out in 1989, Swifties!)

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Now you know when you see Taylor busting moves at an awards show...

In a music video...

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Or even during Kanye's performance...

That is 100% pure Taylor!

♫ Shake it off! Shake it off! ♫

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Check out some of Taylor Swift's greatest dance moments below.