Bon Jovi Is 'Livin' On a Prayer' in First Album Since Richie Sambora's Exit

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Bon Jovi released a special album for fans on Friday called Burning Bridges, and it's the group's first album without rocker Richie Sambora.

"I needed a break and honestly the last tour that we did was 18-and-a-half months in 52 countries -- not cities," Richie told ET's Nischelle Turner. "My daughter looked at me and said, 'Dad, I need you.' She's getting ready to go to school. Currency of love and happiness outweighs the currency of money."

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While Richie told ET there were no hard feelings when he left the band, Bon Jovi's new album title could suggest a different story.

"Bon Jovi's new album Burning Bridges is definitely an interesting title that maybe makes you think they're giving a wink to Richie Sambora leaving," Billboard's Alex Gale told ET.

Despite how it appears, Richie left the door open for a possible return in the future.

"You never know," Richie said. "If we had something to offer and we got together and everything was cool, I'm going, 'Of course!'"

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Burning Bridges is Bon Jovi's 13th studio album in their three-decade run. The band's longevity is enviable in a business full of one-hit wonders and Gale explained the secret to the group's staying power.

"The reason fans love Bon Jovi is they are remarkably consistent," Gale said. "They basically found a formula that worked and never really tried to go left or right from it."

ET was on the set for many of the band's music videos. Press play below to relive the music, attitude and hair of Bon Jovi's heyday!