EXCLUSIVE: Watch Carrie Underwood's Brand New 'Smoke Break' Video

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Carrie Underwood is back and looking hotter. than. ever.

Only ET has the official world premiere of Underwood's brand new music video, "Smoke Break," along with exclusive behind-the-scenes footage! See the full video below, then hit the player at the top of this post for more from Underwood on the set. (And read on to find out what she has in store for fans on her new album, Storyteller. We'll wait...)

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OK, now that you've presumably watched that video at least 10 times, let's dig in to the interview.

"For the storyline, I really just wanted it to be mainly about strong women -- strong beautiful women who are doing everything that the boys do," Underwood said on set. "And at the end, we all get together and have our break. Hardworking during the front-end of the video and having our break, our 'Smoke Break,' at the end of the video."

As ETonline previously reported, "Smoke Break" is the first single off Underwood's next album, Storyteller, out Oct. 23.

"I always look for directions for an album to go in -- not that every single song has to fit into one single category, but some new feel, some new look, some new sound," she said. "I want to grow as an artist and I just want every album to have its own feeling and then it all feels different and it all works together when I'm on tour.

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"So with this one, with Storyteller, things ended up being more twangy but kinda this cool, edgy twang, like a rock twang," she added. "It just ended up being a new thing for me, which I'm really excited about."

And yes, baby Isaiah -- Underwood's first child with hubby Mike Fisher, born in February of this year -- even inspired one of the Storyteller tracks.

"We did write a song for the little man," she confessed with a smile. "I was actually trying to resist that urge, but it just kinda happened and it was really organic and sweet and I think it's going to be a really cool thing for him to know that that's his song." 

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The 32-year-old confessed that "I kinda feel like everybody expects motherhood to completely change me as a writer and an artist. I feel like it just adds another wonderful dimension," but was quick to add:  "I'm not going to sit back and make a whole album of mommy songs."

(Not to be confused with her 2010 hit, "Mama's Song," which still always hits us right in the feels.)

"It's really important to me to stay true to who I was before, but now I just have this other piece of my life," she explained. "Of course when you get married or when you fall in love or when you have a baby or whatever giant life moments happen, it's going to work its way into things that you do creatively and me as an artist."

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