He's Back! Justin Timberlake Debuts Catchy New Song 'Can't Stop the Feeling,' His First in Years

The 'Suit & Tie' singer's new track is already a shoo-in for song of the summer.

Justin Timberlake dropped his new song "Can't Stop the Feeling" on Thursday evening, and it's already a frontrunner for song of the summer!

The catchy tune is the first single off the soundtrack for Dreamworks Animations' upcoming animated film Trolls. The lighthearted music video features cameos from many of the film's voice stars including Anna Kendrick, Gwen Stefani, James Corden and The Big Bang Theory’s Kunal Nayyar, among many others. (Even Timberlake's parents make an adorable cameo in the background of the recording studio!)

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Written and produced by the 35-year-old GRAMMY winner, the song is one of four tracks he performs on the soundtrack, which he's also producing.

Timberlake and Kendrick will also perform a duet in the movie, covering Cindy Lauper's 1986 smash hit "True Colors."

Timberlake won’t be exclusively behind the scenes on the animated comedy. The singer will provide the voice for Branch, one of the film's titular creatures.

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The movie is based on the popular line of troll dolls, famous for their towering, brightly-colored hair and inexplicable popularity in the '90s.

Dreamworks Animation's Trolls ambles into theaters Nov. 4. The official soundtrack hits shelves Sept. 23.

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