EXCLUSIVE: Dustin Lynch Explains Those Kelly Osbourne Dating Rumors, Dedicating 'Seein' Red' to Her

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Hey, lucky ladies -- Dustin Lynch is still on the market!

Though rumors have been flying that he's dating Kelly Osbourne, the 31-year-old country crooner told ET during a sit-down in Los Angeles on Tuesday that the two are just friends. "There's no relationship," he said, laughing.

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Speculation ran rampant once again after Lynch dedicated his new single, "Seein' Red," to Osbourne during his set in Virginia Beach, Virginia, on June 25, just one day after the song dropped.

"I'm going to send this one out to my darling Kelly tonight," he told the crowd before launching into the energetic track.

"@dustinlynch you are too romantic for words…" Osbourne, 31, tweeted, sharing the video and adding a lip emoji. Lynch retweeted his pal, adding, "Just for you darlin," and the same smooch symbol.

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The real reason that the Tennessee native dedicated a song to Osbourne was because he made a "friendly bet" while FaceTiming with her that morning. "I was trying to punch her in the balls, and I was like, 'Hey, what do you think of my new single?' She goes, 'What are you talking about?'" Lynch explained. "I was like, 'Alright, listen here: This relationship is over if you don't go download 'Seein' Red' right now.'"

The British TV personality quickly hung up, listened to the song, and texted him back that she loved the tune, but their relationship would definitely be over if he didn't dedicate the song to her on stage that very night. So, Lynch made sure to give her a shout-out. "I pulled it off. I won," he said. "And I got a download from iTunes from Kelly Osbourne. Win, win!"

Though they're not an item, Lynch and Osbourne are clearly having a good time playing up their faux dating status, which all started in May after taking a selfie at the Stagecoach Festival in Indio, California. "Next thing you know, we're pregnant," he joked to ET. "From that outrageousness, we struck up a friendship. She's great. She's one of the funniest people I've ever met in my life."

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To be fair, Osbourne captioned a photo of the two -- another Stagecoach shot posted eight days later -- "I really miss my boyfriend @dustinlynchmusic." She did add the hashtag "#ImCountryNow" and a devil emoji, which was a pretty clear indication that she was baiting fans.

Though Lynch hasn't seen her since, the two still keep in touch. In fact, Osbourne has made it onto a very elite list. "I've only ever dedicated a song to my grandparents and Kelly Osbourne," he admitted.

"Seein' Red" is the first single off Lynch's upcoming third album, which he's still working on and does not have a release date for yet. The song was written by Tully Kennedy, Kurt Allison, Steve Bogard, and Jason Sever, and has a distinct R&B sensibility, which makes sense considering that Lynch told ET that he's been listening to a lot of Drake lately.

"I played it in my truck and I was like, 'Holy crap, this is badass to the bone,'" Lynch said of the first time he heard a demo of "Seein' Red" while driving on I-65. "I rocked it all the way to Louisville and all the way home that night, back to Nashville. It had the factors we're always striving to find -- and I think Luke [Bryan] has found several of them -- of tempo and sexy."

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"In country, it's easy to write a sexy song, but it's hard to write a tempo song that's sexy. 'Seein' Red' has a great tempo for a live song, but it's also super sexy and makes me want to dance up on somebody, and I hope it has that effect on other people."

Lynch is currently on the road with Bryan, and will support Chris Young on a fall tour starting this November. If we're lucky, maybe Osbourne will join him for a day or two on the road -- after all, Lynch did say he needs a dance partner.

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