Tori Kelly's Haunting Song About Christina Grimmie, 'Blink of an Eye', Will Make You Cry -- Listen

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Tori is grieving through music.

Tori Kelly is grieving through music.

The 23-year-old musician shared a heartbreaking new song to YouTube channel on Sunday, mourning the death of Christina Grimmie. The former Voice singer was shot and killed at a meet and greet following her Orlando, Florida, concert one month ago at the age of 22.

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In the song, titled "Blink of an Eye," Kelly sings, "Can't help but think what you would be, if you just had the chance to turn 23."

"This song was written for Christina Grimmie after she passed away tragically," Kelly wrote in the video description. "I needed to write this song."

"My heart was and is still so heavy when I think of her not being with us. However, I am still comforted knowing that I'll get to see her again someday in heaven," she added. "My prayers go out to her family and loved ones."

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Kelly also went on to allude to further gun violence and heartache stemming from several tragedies last week, saying, "More recently I'm overwhelmed at the pain and the brokenness in the world today, and so this is really just me grieving. At all of it. Life is so short."

The moving track caught the attention of Justin Bieber, who tweeted Kelly, "you have a special gift. God bless."

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Grimmie's death has had a profound impact on her family and loved ones, as well as her fellow artists.

In June, Selena Gomez broke down while offering her late friend a heartbreaking tribute on stage in Miami.

Watch the performance moment below.