Justin Bieber Cries Onstage in Germany While Singing 'Purpose'

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Justin Bieber was moved by his own music during his concert in Frankfurt, Germany.

While performing his song, "Purpose," the 22-year-old singer got choked up and started outright crying. Bieber didn't stop the song, as one concertgoer's video shows, but rather wiped away his tears and kept on singing.

Bieber's waterworks come after several outbursts at prior concerts, which included him asking the crowd to stop screaming and, in one instance, walking offstage altogether.

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This also isn't the first time Beliebers have seen the pop star break down during a performance. Last year, Bieber cried at not one, but two awards shows.

At MTV's 2015 Video Music Awards in August, he started tearing up while singing "What Do You Mean?," and again got choked up at the American Music Awards last November while performing the same song. Earlier that month, he also cried during a concert celebrating the release of his album, Purpose.

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ET spoke with Bieber amid these performances and he admitted that he was "having a lot of cries lately."

"Good cries, bad cries, just all around being emotional," he said. "I think it just shows how much I care. You know, I care about [Purpose] so much and I've put my heart and soul into it, spent the last three or four years making it. So it's been exciting, it's been an amazing roller coaster ride. Sometimes good days, sometimes bad days, but overall it's been pretty awesome."

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"Why am I crying so hard?" he quipped. "I gotta get it together, Justin!"

As for Sunday's AMAs, Bieber is to perform via satellite from Zurich, Switzerland.