My 5: Nikki Glaser Reveals the Female Comedians to Watch Right Now

Nikki Glaser

Just add radio host to Nikki Glaser's growing list of job titles.

The 33-year-old comedian has already pulled a hat trick with stand-up, TV and podcast gigs, and now she'll be hosting Comedy Central Radio's first-ever live morning show on SiriusXM, You Up w/Nikki Glaser.

The show launched at the end of February, and the new format has been a welcome change for Glaser. 

"I love the freedom of being able to be on air without a safety net of a script or pre-written jokes," she tells ET. "There's certainly planning that goes into a radio show, but the fact that it's live and long-form means that a lot can happen that you could never anticipate. I'm someone who doesn't like to rehearse, so I love performing on a medium where preparation is only so helpful. And a rehearsed radio show is a boring radio show. I also love that I don't have to sit in hair and makeup for two hours before we go live."

The Not Safe With Nikki Glaser host reached out to producers of Howard Stern's radio show and Bob and Tom host Tom Griswold for pointers, with the latter giving her excellent advice. "He told me that people listen to you on the radio alone in their cars, so instead of addressing them as a group, talk to them as individuals. And he's right; radio is much more intimate than I ever realized. I feel much more connected to Howard Stern than I do any TV host I adore," she reveals. 

As for her dream guests on the show? That would be Jennifer Aniston and Dave Matthews "at the same time."

Glaser's roots are in stand-up though, so we had her dish on which five female comedians we should be watching right now. Here's who she wants you to be paying attention to:

Hadiyah Robinson

"I met Hadiyah 10 years ago while performing for the troops in South Korea. She was a natural even then. I remember being in such awe of her, night after night. Since then she's only become more honest, ballsy and honed. She's a killer."

Adrienne Iapalucci

"No one is taking more risks on stage right now than Adrienne. I caught a set of her's last week at The Comedy Cellar [in New  York City], and I couldn't believe how fresh, hilarious and absolutely lethal her jokes were. I aspire to be as fearless."

Sarah Tollemache

"Sarah is one of my favorite people on and off stage. She can slay with the tiniest, simplest observation. Her jokes stay with me and have changed and shaped the way I think about the female condition."

Lizzy Cooperman

"Lizzy is more than a stand-up comic: She is a performance artist, an incredible jokesmith and a force. Seeing her live is an experience. It's hard to find someone doing anything truly original with stand-up comedy these days, and she has found a way to reinvent the art. I can't wait till she gains mass exposure -- people are going to lose their minds."

Emmy Blotnick

"Emmy is one of my favorite writers. Her jokes are so specific yet still relatable; tons of imagery amidst the most cutting of punchlines. I can't wait for her Comedy Central half-hour special later this year. I'm jealous of the way her brain works."


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