My 5: Comedian and Snapchat Host Matteo Lane's Most Influential Divas (Exclusive)

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Matteo Lane, comedian and host of the Snapchat comedy Ghost Hunt, is probably known for his jokes as much as his lack of clothing. The rising star has quickly become a must-follow on social media, where he often bares his abs -- or more. In fact, he tells ET that his Instagram resolution for 2018 is to “wear even less clothing.”

But clothing aside, Lane has made a name for himself with hilarious standup appearances on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert,Late Night With Seth Meyers and Comedy Central’s The Comedy Jam, proving that he has the humor to back up his looks.

And as host of Ghost Hunt, Lane confronts the woes of dating in a digital age, helping young singles track down people who ghosted them while empowering everyone to be smart and thoughtful about navigating the many apps used to find love. “I blame our phones,” he says of ghosting, especially among gay men. “We’re so distracted now with dating apps. It’s like, There’s always someone better just around the corner.”

Of course, Lane may just have an advantage to avoiding the pitfalls of dating -- or show business -- thanks to the lessons learned from his most influential divas. He says that they taught him to “be aware of yes men—people who feed into your ego for their own self gain.”

Given that divas are so influential in his life -- as well as his many fans -- the comedian shared his list of favorite songstresses:

Mariah Carey
"She's my favorite diva. I have a complicated relationship with the Christmas queen. She is one of the greatest singer-songwriters of all time, but for the past 10 years has decided to make questionable choices."
Patti LaBelle
"No singer (besides, maybe, Barbra Streisand) can compare to Patti. I saw her live once, and I swear people in the audience who couldn’t see nor walk could see and walk after she sang. EVERYBODY likes Patti, and she’s almost 70 and can still sing into the stratosphere, plus she’s a great cook!!!"
Whitney Houston
"Even though she’s passed, her voice is still unbeatable. I don’t know if planet Earth will ever see a talent as great as hers. We also can’t forget the greatest gift of all she left us: Being Bobby Brown and her her infamous interview with Wendy Williams."
Celine Dion
"She's the French-Canadian songbird that doesn’t stop delivering. She’s the most uncomfortable human being to watch in interviews, but her voice is so good -- we forgive her."
Jennifer Hudson
"Like Luke Skywalker was our last hope to restore balance in the universe, Jennifer Hudson is our last hope to restore great singing in a world of auto-tuning and electronic music."

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