My 5: The Biggest Lessons 'Vanderpump Rules' Star Scheana Shay Learned From Being on Reality TV (Exclusive)

Scheana Shay at The Commuter premiere
Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

The 32-year-old reality star has revealed plenty of her romantic life on 'Vanderpump Rules,' but now she's pulling back the curtain even more on her new podcast, 'Scheananigans.'

You may know Scheana Shay from the many shenanigans that have occurred over seven seasons of Vanderpump Rules, but making other people the center of attention is actually what she wants to do.

With a degree and background in broadcast journalism, the 32-year-old actress had always dreamed of having her own show, so she jumped at the chance to have her own podcast. On Scheananigans, fans get behind-the-scenes stories from Vanderpump Rules, find out what's going on in her life right now and marvel at the dishy info Shay gets out of her guests, including fellow reality stars Bachelor's Corinne Olympios, Celebrity Big Brother's James Maslow and Bachelor in Paradise's Robby Hayes.

"I'm an open book -- everything is fair game!" Shay tells ET. "You will be hearing a lot about [my dating life] coming up. I hadn't felt comfortable talking too much about my single life until more recently."

Fans have seen the California native weather her past relationship storms -- her 2017 divorce from Michael Shay and now defunct relationship with Robert Parks Valletta -- unfold on the hit Bravo show, but those difficult times haven't stopped her from living her best life while working and  playing.

"I've gone on a couple of dates with some of my guests," she admits, laughing. "And I've made some amazing new friends."


Shay isn't limiting her podcast to just the dating world, nor making the venture audio-only. "I have a very distinct voice that can be annoying or raspy and sexy, so every show we do, we film part of it -- usually the game -- and then post that on social media so people feel like they are in the studio with us," she explains. "But for those who only listen, I like to keep it fun and entertaining to keep them interested and wanting more.

Though the show has only been on for a few weeks and has featured many of her friends, she's already had a ton of fun, especially when Hayes came on. "We just have a really good chemistry and it was such a fun show. I will definitely have him back on," she says, noting that her future dream guests are Chrissy Teigen, Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lawrence.

It's safe to say Shay has had a whole lot of hard lessons learned after being in the public eye for so long, so she filled ET in on the top five lessons she learned from being on a reality show.

Be open and honest.

"One of the best things about being on a reality show is people are getting to know you and a lot of them can relate to struggles or things you’re going through."

Know who you can trust.

"This industry can be cutthroat at times, so having a solid group of people who you can trust is important -- and especially important for your sanity!"

You can’t win them all.

"Haters will always exist. You can’t please everyone. Just be you. Give your truth and the rest will all work itself out the way it’s supposed to."

Have thick skin.

"People will always try and tear you down, but you can’t let them. It takes a very strong person to do reality TV for an extended period of time."

Don’t try to be perfect.

"I am guilty of this the past few seasons. I always want everything to look and seem perfect even when it’s not, but that’s not relatable -- nothing is ever perfect. When I’m open and honest, that’s what draws people in, and that’s the true and real me."

Scheananigans is now streaming on PodcastOne or Apple Podcasts.