'Mythbusters' Star Jessi Combs' Boyfriend Pays Tribute to Her in Heartbreaking Post

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Jessi Combs may be gone, but she is far from forgotten.

On Sunday, the Mythbusters star's boyfriend, fellow driver Terry Madden, shared an old photo of himself and Combs, along with a touching tribute to the TV personality.

"Not sure how to cope. I miss my @thejessicombs so bad.... Its a constant for me to be in our favorites file on my phone looking at our pictures.. I decided this morning to start sharing the stories that go with these every morning," he captioned a photo of himself and Combs, both dressed as mimes at an event. "This was the single greatest night of my life, we had more fun than I knew, it was possible to have. Didn't drink a drop and on the greatest pure happiness high ever, we laughed we loved and we never said a word."

"Halloween last year @semashow in Vegas. We made a bet before leaving the room on who talked first. For 5 hours we never said a word, and we knew exactly what the other was thinking, the connection was so amazing," he continued. "We saw all of our friends and fans and acted out together as the perfect team as if we had rehearsed it our whole life - knowing exactly what the other was thinking to talk with people. It was that night and the next morning we laid and talked and realized how truly connected we were and how amazing it was we knew what the other was thinking at most times."

He also shared that there's "a really upset cab driver out there" who had to deal with "the greatest 5 min Charade of us acting out west gate hotel on the side walk because we wouldn't talk. …he was pissed and we laughed until our cheeks hurt!!!"

Madden confirmed on Wednesday that Combs had died in a "horrific accident" the day before while attempting to break a land speed record in a jet car in Oregon's Harney County.

Since Combs' death, Madden has also shared some photos of other adventures with his girlfriend, including a trip to Grand Canyon.

ET Live spoke with Mythbusters host Adam Savage on Thursday, where shared his reaction to the tragic news.

"It's a real shock and my heart goes out to her family and friends and her boyfriend," Savage said. "What they're going through must be absolutely awful right now."

Savage also talked about the legacy Combs has left behind, and noted how she was especially inspiring for girls with an interest in science.

"The Jessi that I knew wanted to inspire young people like her to try things that they were maybe afraid to try and didn't think was possible," he shared. "She achieved tremendous success in a club that was very much a boys club and she held her own tremendously and including all of that, she was also a tremendous science communicator. She shared her knowledge, she shared her enthusiasm, she shared her love on what she did with the world and that is super inspiring."

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