Naomi Judd Did Not Name Daughters Wynonna and Ashley Judd in Her Will

According to her will, Naomi Judd appointed her longtime husband as executor of her estate.

Naomi Judd's last will and testament has been revealed -- and her daughters, Wynonna and Ashley Judd, were not mentioned by name. 

According to the late country star's will, obtained by ET, Naomi appointed her husband of more than 30 years, Larry Strickland, as executor of her estate and granted him "full authority and discretion" to deal with and administer "any real property comprising an asset of my estate, without the approval of any court, the joinder of any beneficiary, or the disclosure of the identity of any beneficiary of my estate." She declares that all real property be deemed "personal property" after her death and "subject to sale by my Executor, acting without joinder of any beneficiary, for the purpose of facilitating the distribution of my estate among the beneficiaries of this Will, as well as for the purpose of paying taxes, administrative expenses, and any other expenses or debts of my estate, without first being required to exhaust all other personal property of my estate."

Per the will, Strickland is entitled to "reasonable" compensation as executor and will be paid for expenses in connection to the administration of the estate. 

Naomi notes, "In the event my spouse ceases or fails to serve, then I nominate and appoint my brother-in-law Reginald Strickland, and Daniel Kris Waiter as Co-Executors." 

There's also mention of her eponymous Naomi Ellen Judd Living Trust, which she noted was established by her in October 2007. Naomi authorized the executor of her estate to obtain funds from her trust to pay legally enforceable debts, funeral and estate administration expenses and taxes. 

There is reference to Naomi's children in a section called "Allocation of GST Exemption," in which she directs the executor to allocate the exemption in a way that is "most beneficial to my children and my more remote issue." While they are not explicitly named in the will, it does not mean Wynonna and Ashley did not receive inheritance from their mother. 

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The will is dated Nov. 20, 2017 and features the signatures of witnesses Melissa Sitzler and Abigail Mueller, who confirmed that, in their opinion, the star was of "sound mind, memory and understanding and not under any restraint or in any respect incompetent" to make the will. 

ET has reached out to reps for both Wynonna and Ashley for comment. The country legend died in April at 76 years old. Ashley later confirmed her mother died of a self-inflicted gun wound

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