Natalie Portman Fans Might Not Recognize the Actress as Astronaut Lucy Cola in 'Pale Blue Dot'

Rachel Murray/Getty Images for Paramount Pictures

Natalie Portman is almost unrecognizable in her latest role!

In an Instagram post shared on Wednesday, the 37-year-old actress gave fans a first look at her taking on the part of astronaut Lucy Cola for the upcoming film, Pale Blue Dot. In the image, Portman appears virtually makeup free in a bright blue NASA jumpsuit with badges all over it, along with a lanyard around her neck and her hands on her hips.

Perhaps the largest transformation comes in the form of the Oscar winner's hair; gone are her luscious locks and in their place stands a page boy-esque, short, dark brown wig with a middle part. This no-nonsense version of Portman looks ready to soar into space!

The film -- which also stars Jon Hamm, Dan Stevens and Zazie Beetz -- tells the story of Lucy Cola as she returns to Earth after a mission in outer space. Once her affair with a fellow astronaut comes to an end, she begins to lose touch with reality. 

Pale Blue Dot is loosely based on the real-life story that took place when Lisa Nowak, a NASA Captain and naval flight officer, returned from a mission aboard Space Shuttle Discovery in 2006. Following her return to Earth, Bill Oefelein, her boyfriend of approximately two years, broke up with her and began to date U.S. Air Force Captain, Colleen Shipman. 

In February 2007, the mother of three -- who was married but separated at the time of her relationship with Oefelein -- made headlines when she drove 900 miles from Houston to Orlando, and, according to police reports, wore space diapers during the drive so she could avoid stopping to use the restroom. Nowak is said to have packed a trench coat, black wig, pepper spray, a BB gun, rope, trash bags and an 8-inch knife, and upon arriving to Orlando International Airport, she approached Shipman's car, banged on the window and asked for a ride. Shipman rolled down her window and Nowak immediately pepper sprayed her. 

Dubbed the "astronaut love triangle," Nowak was charged with attempted murder and kidnapping. She later pleaded guilty to charges of felony burglary of a car and misdemeanor battery, for which she served one year's probation.

Pale Blue Dot has yet to get a release date, but in the meantime, here's a look at Portman's rapping skills:


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