Nelly Looses His Tooth Ahead of Super Bowl Party -- See Ashanti's Reaction

The 'Country Grammar' rapper and his girlfriend had a laugh following a mishap in Las Vegas.

Nelly ran into a bit of a dilemma during his trip to Las Vegas for Super Bowl weekend -- and his love, Ashanti, had a laugh at his expense!

Over the weekend, the "Country Grammar" rapper went live on Instagram and revealed he was missing a bottom tooth. As the video begins, the GRAMMY-winning rapper flashes a smile for the camera and tells his followers that he lost his tooth.

Ashanti joins him and can't help but laugh. "Babe, where's it at?" she asks her guy.

As the pair begin to make jokes, Nelly tells her that he is on his way to do a show, and that's when Ashanti asks him to locate some spare teeth.

Nelly jokes that he's hanging up on her after telling her that he doesn't have a spare tooth. 

Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images for E11EVEN

As evident from their conversation, this isn't the first time the rapper has lost his tooth -- which wasn't one of the teeth that has jewels on it. The pair joke about a time where he lost the tooth in Miami, Florida, and they now have a doctor to call for such repairs.

Though he is one tooth short, Ashanti tells her man that she still loves him and quipped, "I'd hit." 

"You still look cute though," she tells Nelly as he jokes about holding the microphone close to his face.

Ashanti -- who appeared to be in another location -- gets off of the call and Nelly makes his way to the Bellagio for a party.

Nelly, 49, and Ashanti, 43, have been putting their rekindled romance on full display. The "Body On Me" pair got back together last year after breaking up in 2015. Last week, the A-list couple hit the stage together during E11EVEN Miami's 10th anniversary party.

During the performance, the pair each had respective sets where they performed some of their biggest hits, and even took the stage together. 

Last year, a source told ET that Nelly and Ashanti have been making the most of their second chance at love and are enjoying their time together. 

"Nelly and Ashanti are back together and both of them are very happy," the source said. 

Another source told ET, "Nelly and Ashanti are really enjoying their time together."

For more on Ashanti and Nelly's love, click below. 


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