Netflix Provides Answers for 'Love Is Blind' Season 4 Reunion Delay

The global release of the show's season 4 reunion came 19 hours after it was originally scheduled to air live.

Over the weekend, the Love Is Blind reunion made headlines. But though the season 4 conclusion was filled with plenty of drama, it was Netflix's inability to get the event, which had been advertised as its second live special, to stream on time.

After promises that they were waiting to start the special until it could stream, Netflix eventually gave up and recorded the reunion. While some users were able to watch several hours after the original start time due to a glitch in the system, the official global release of the reunion did not take place until 19 hours later on Monday. 

"We had just a bug that we introduced, actually, when we implemented some changes to try and improve live streaming performance after the last live broadcast," co-CEO Greg Peters said Tuesday afternoon during a Q&A for investors, per Vanity Fair. "We just didn’t see this bug in internal testing because it only became apparent once we put multiple systems interacting with each other under the load of millions of people trying to watch Love Is Blind."

Peters added that the streaming service plans to attempt other live events in the future. 

“We’ll learn from it and we’ll get better,” he said. “We want to use live when it makes sense creatively, when it helps the content itself. So a reunion show that’s going to generate news and buzz, it really does play better live when people can enjoy it together.”

Prior to the reunion taping, co-host Vanessa Lachey declared on her Instagram, "Apparently y'all, everybody broke the internet to see this reunion!" amid the technical difficulties.

ET spoke with the cast on the red carpet after the drama unfolded.

"The show's been a huge mess -- drama, social media -- I'm not shocked it ended in some sort of chaos like that," contestant Micah Lussier told ET.

"This season is the reason," Chelsea Griffin teased.

Her husband, Kwame Appiah, added, "We broke the internet!"

Love Is Blind season 4 and the reunion special are currently streaming on Netflix.